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This collection is the product of a lifetime’s experience of working with textiles, and of many years travelling the world, absorbing influences from different cultures. In each piece, I hope you’ll see the creative inspiration I have found in all four corners of the globe.

Wherever I visit I find something new to bring to my own work. I am inspired by the textures, fabrics and the handicrafts of other cultures. The kaleidoscope of colours, vibrant hues and explosions of pattern as seen in Oaxaca in Mexico, Rajasthan in India and Chicicastenango in Guatemala are so visually exciting that I wanted to infuse my own collection with them.

I have tried to inject this magic into my first collection of resort wear, combining traditional beading and embroidery techniques, executed by expert craftsmen with modern silhouettes. Each item is delicately handmade.

I have created timeless pieces to take you on your own global journey.
I want you to feel unique and beautiful along the way.

So whether you are traveling to Puglia, The Hamptons, Miami or Ibiza, you will find just what you need right here.

Victoria x

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